What is astrology?

The study of astrology is considered a "pseudoscience". To generalize this for comparison purposes, lets talk about astronomy vs astrology. We have astronomy, the study of the planets/celestial objects in space affecting our physical world. And then we have astrology, the study of the planets/celestial objects and their effects on our emotional world/psychology. This is the great controversy so many continue to debate. How could these physical celestial spheres and star clusters all the way out in space, have an influence and effect on something so elusive and non physical like our emotions and personalities? To put it simply, it doesn't make sense. And yet somehow, we have overwhelming evidence, reading after reading, exposing an accuracy to this pseudoscience beyond our rational understanding. We don't know how it works, but the results serve as evidence to its validity. So, let's explore how we use Astrology. Astrology is comprised of 3 main components. When reading a chart, we use the planets in our solar system, the constellations that make up our night sky, and how they relate to each other. We have assigned meanings attached to each planet, each sign, and meanings to the placement of where they are at the moment you are born. So, lets dive deeper. The planets represent the different aspect of our psychology. The sun being assigned to our identity. The moon assigned to our feelings and emotions. Mercury being the way we think and so on. The planets represent the psychological foundations of the human being.
Next, we have the constellations which make up the 12 zodiac signs we all know and love. The signs are a little more dynamic. If the planets represent the different parts of our psychology such as our emotions, our mind etc, then the constellations/signs represent how those parts of ourselves will function and be expressed. For example- if the planet Mercury, being your mind, is in the constellation of Capricorn at the time of your birth, the sign of logic rationality and structure, then you will have a mind that is very practically oriented, and you will need logical structure to secure the way you think and process information. There is so much more to be explained such as the house placements and aspects, and of course we need to synthesize the entire chart to paint an accurate picture of who you are. I hope this gives you a good grasp behind the process of the magic that is your birth chart!

What is a birth chart reading?

We've just described how a birth chart is formed using planets, signs, and where they are at the time of your birth. The parts that make up the whole. A birth chart is basically a screenshot of the sky the moment you enter this world! The chart represents and reflects the sky and celestial bodies in the sky at the time of your birth. We look at the planets and the signs and how they relate to each other, which is what becomes your "chart". I specifically offer birth chart readings. But, we have astrologers that read composite charts, so yours and anothers chart put together to see the compatibility between you two. We have astrologers that predict future events using charts, and so on. Astrology is very dynamic and there are endless possibilities with what you can read using it!

What type of reading will this be? What type of reader am I? 

I offer one main service! This is called The Astro Reading. You can find out the specifics of it under the "Services" tab. There are many different readers and types of services out there. When you choose to get a reading, you're really choosing the reader and their intentions creating the type of service they're providing. This is true for any and all types of readings, whether it be psychic, astrology, tarot etc. With astrology, it's not what we are reading but how we are reading it. We all have different interpretations and levels of experience! The two main types of astrologers I've found in my personal experience are the information based, and the intuitive based. Some of the best, incorporate both. I am more intuitive based, whereas some astrologers strictly provide the information assigned to your chart. I like to tailor the information I'm reading to your energy, and interpret from there. I've had great success using this method, and find it to serve my intention the best. My intention for every reading, and the purpose I have for giving readings is to help the individual regain permission to fully accept themselves as they are. I call it the "reconnection to acceptance". The good, the bad, the light and the shadow. We live in a society that inadvertently conditions us to disconnect from certain part of ourselves to follow the social code, and this is where our suffering begins. But thankfully, we've been provided beautiful holistic tools to regain what has been repressed for too long! From psychology to science, all the way to the mystical arts such as astrology and tarot. There are many paths towards self rediscovery and in my opinion, astrology is the most exciting! 

How much does is cost? How long is the reading?

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