Before Scheduling

The most important part of the entire reading is your exact birth time, as shown on your birth certificate.

Guessing/estimating the time can throw off your entire chart,

so please have the exact time prepared

before scheduling your reading~

****Please Note****

In order to secure your reading, payment is required at the time of this booking.

Step 1- Choose Your Day and Time

Step 2- Enter Your Birth Chart Information

Thanks! Message sent.

Step 3- Send Payment Through Venmo or PayPal



Cancellation Policy

48 Hours Notice.

There is a $25 refund fee for missed appointments.


Please email me at

to reschedule your

appointment prior to

the 48 hour notice, or for any questions.

Payment is due at the time of this booking~

Confirmation will be sent to you!





Choose astro reading, select day and time, enter info and hit "schedule"~