"The more knowledge, the more responsibility. The more love, the more ability."
-Edgar Cayce

The Astro Reading

60 Minute Session


In this astrology reading, we will be recognizing the many aspects that make up your inner world and personailty. We will look at the tendencies that you were born into and with, by looking at your personal birth chart. Here we will reveal insight into your psychological profile, emotional tendencies and current struggles/wounds as influenced by the stars (hard to believe, I know!). I've chosen to provide this type of astrology reading for one main purpose.. to help others regain the inner permission to embrace themselves, unconditionally! Through strengths and weaknesses, the self awareness provided by astrology is remarkable. This reading is an hour long. Each reading is recorded and sent through email. To book, fill out the contact form and be sure to include your email! Payment accepted through venmo, only. 


The Follow-Up

30 Minutes for Returning Clients


In this 30 minute session, we will cover any topics you'd like to dive deeper into. This session is like an "astrology therapy session" where we can explore whichever parts of yourself you'd prefer, in more detail. This is a great session to "make sense" of what's happening in your current life, with the help of your birth chart guiding you through it. There is no time limit or recommendation on when to book this follow up! Use your intuition and trust what you need:)


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