Please note that for reasons of privacy, I do not disclose the full names of my clients or their personal information.

Thank you for your incredible reading. So much that you said was spot on! You were able to delve deep into my psyche and discuss with me the best path going forward in all areas of my life including: family, career and spirituality. I am so grateful to you for my reading! You are truly talented and I’m so grateful for you.


I have to express my gratitude to Danielle for such an amazing, validating astrology reading. The explanation of my birth chart resonated on such a profound level. This reading brought so much perspective to my life. As a big believer in astrology prior to my reading, this only solidified my beliefs that much more. The reading brings so much clarity to the fundamentals of who we are, how we are perceived, where we are and where we are supposed to be. I would highly recommend this reading to anyone whose interest it may peak. Thank you so much Danielle! Love & Light xx

Adriana L

Danielle did an astrology reading for me and it was truly amazing. She has the gift to read your birth chart and let the information flow naturally while being so accurate. Danielle helped me identify my amazing qualities and also shadow work to be done based on my astrology chart. She has helped me go within myself and gain clarity and healing. Danielle is extremely knowledgeable on astrology and has a true passion for it and helping others. Thank you!

Toni S

**** Please Note ****
Any reviews beyond this point are from psychic readings that I've provided clients prior to switching my services. I now only offer Astrology Readings. Thank you!- Danielle

I had a wonderful reading experience with Danielle, she expressed life experiences, that no other psychic had ever told me. I definitely would recommend her to family and friends! Many blessings with your future! Thank you again!

Laura V

I had my first reading with Danielle and I was completely blown away!! Her insight was incredible and her attention to detail was spot on and mind blowing. I could not believe how her new every detail of my life. I would definitely recommend Danielle to everyone and cannot wait until my next experience with her--she is an extremely talented woman!!!!

Doug H

I was blown away with the reading I had with Danielle! I have had plenty of readings throughout my life and i must say Danielle's reading was the most on point, insightful, and at the same to her sweetness and kindness shines through and helps you feel comfortable! Not to mention how accurate and intuitive she is. Truly a gifted soul who i look forward to working with again in the near future💗

Melody S.

Danielle is the real deal. Not only did she nail my past and current life status of health, relationships, finances, career, etc. but she also provides insights into what's to come that help clarify what I truly want for my future. In addition, she is professional, thorough, sweet as can be and such a pleasure to talk to. I highly recommend Danielle.

Theresa S

I really enjoyed my reading with Danielle and felt it was very insightful. I would recommend Danielle to my family and friends. I feel you are blessed with a special gift.

Debbie M

Had an absolutely awesome reading by Danielle. She is very professional speaks clearly. She was on point with the details that she brought through for me. I would highly recommend her. And I will definitely be booking another reading with her again. Thank you Danielle!💕

Joanna T

Loved my reading with Danielle! She was on target with so much going on in my life and I could feel her positive energy through the phone. Thank you!

Dani W

I had my reading just now. It was the BEST I have ever had. My son Drew came thru the entire reading. I will
Heal. Thank you Danielle ❤️❤️❤️


Just had my first reading with Danielle and it was a great one. I related to everything she was telling me. I find myself after some readings with others trying to piece together things that didn’t make sense and I never felt that way with the messages she was telling me. Everything she said really hit home. She was super friendly, caring and knew her stuff. Would love to have another reading in the future.

Carol F

I had my first reading with Danielle. She was extremely professional and sweet. Everything was very accurate. I will definitely book another reading with her. Highly recommend.

Betty F

The reading was so on point. Danielle answered my questions before I even asked. She has a true connection and her reading was very healing for me.

Nicole H.

I’ve never experienced such a great reading. It was amazing, she cleared up on so much. I now feel so relieved, relaxed and so much more confident. Thank you so much

Arianna L

I had my first reading with Danielle this week. I was so impressed and I am looking forward to booking a second reading. You knew so many things right aff the bat and was able to totally nail my current state within moments of our conversation. I felt so at peace speaking with you and your energy totally screams pure love. It felt like we were just sitting around the kitchen table talking. I personally would recommend you to all. You have such a gift and God bless you. Looking forward to our next conversation. Many blessings and I will continue to "Let grace lead the way".

Danielle N.

I found Danielle to be professional personable and flexible. Her reading was thorough and she really took the time to answer all my questions.

Phil m

Danielle is truly gifted. She was so in tune with everything and makes you feel at ease throughout the whole reading. She explains what she sees & feels very thoroughly, it’s refreshing. I will definitely get another reading with her in the near future.

Christina S

Danielle is just an amazing person! There is nothing, but positive vibes every time she is around. One day out of the blue, I asked for a reading and she was all for it! Not only was she on point, but the good energy coming from her instantly changed my energy in the best way. Danielle is someone you would want to be around 24/7 with all the love she has to offer.

Michelle M 💜

Danielle did a reading for me and it was truly amazing. She can really tap into what I am going through emotionally and the experiences I am having. She provides soul advice coming straight from the source - SPIRIT. Her energy and gifts are remarkable. Thank you so much to Danielle for helping me through tough times. She always validates what I am feeling and brings so much clarity. Her readings provide confidence, positivity, love, and light. Thank you again!

Toni S